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MENding Families is a nonprofit organization based in Cheverly, Maryland; serving Prince George's County and surrounding areas. It is designed to provide life and recovery strategies predominately through father focus family restructuring and reconciliation by transforming personal paradigms through social, educational and career development coaching for all people to shape stronger legacies. 

Our founder, Stacie Banks Hall, established MENding Families as a nonprofit - which originated as Adams House International - in 2011.

Under the leadership and guidance of Stacie Banks Hall with her husband, William A. Hall several goals have been implemented. Those goals are: 1) diminish single parenting and erase foster parenting; 2) increase school success including academic and behavioral outcomes; 3) escalate career development; 4) reduce violent crime and gang involvement; 5) decrease detrimental behaviors and strengthen a culture of healthy living and education; 6) build viable communities. The Hall's have been married since 1980 and have worked together for many decades. 

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