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Tools will be provided to anchor change in participants thinking for improved outcomes. Activities include group support; one on one coaching and partnering with other community agencies to enhance school/community programs; provide resources and on-going training.

  • Support groups will be established for adult men and women addressing relevant concerns and challenges as well as with youth.

  • Curriculum has been developed, and utilized with positive outcomes.

  • Volunteer Ambassadors are trained to exponentially spread services.  A proven volunteer ambassador model reliant upon goodwill and outreach will be utilized for most service delivery. Some participants who have accomplished initial goals are encouraged to become facilitators. This recycling will be an indigenous benefit to the whole community.

Expected outcomes include anger management skills employed to diffuse potential criminal, harmful and fatal incidents; academic, social and aesthetic awareness and advancement; and exposure and appreciation for the arts.

There are no fees for participants. Grants and partnerships will be sought to execute programs. Donations will be accepted for program operations. 

Sites will extend wraparound services focusing on education, recreation, family development and other self- sufficiency services.


During intake baseline data will be taken and tracked periodically.


The cooperative collaboration of MFI coaches with counselors and therapists facilitates appropriate assistance for consumers to connect with the most suitable support. Trust and transparency are established to foster and establish reconciliation and recovery paths. 

The "RING"  

If your marriage seems like a virtual boxing ring; too often confrontational, then join the Marriage "Ring". A continuous circle of married men to women who discover endless strategies from other couples that are banded together ‘til death do we part". Reignite the moment when you put the ring on your spouse's finger. Your marriage is worth jumping through one more loop! Coaching and counseling assistance is available.

Join us for:

Spiritual, Sensual Saturdays!



Offers returning citizens assistance in adapting back into the community with respect. There is major focus on employment and job readiness with training opportunities in communities where unemployment is rampant.  MENding Families provides skills to complete a job application, offers job interviewing strategies and resume writing support to help address some of the barriers of gaining meaningful employment and entrepreneurial prospects. Healthy reunification of the family unit is also a purposed goal. MFI also collaborates with expungement events.


Conflict Prevention & Resolution Individual Focus and Group Sessions 

Conducted in rehabilitating non-traditional settings, participants are guided on specific curriculum topics. Gender-specific groups allow facilitators and peers to coach authentically on relevant topics. This process compliments yet does not copy other services consumers are receiving.  Feedback and exchanges between peers are highly encouraged. Participants are coached on various life impacting opportunities and challenges; and communicating for the best outcomes. 

Family Coaching

Divergence, Discord and Dispute  Discussions

Disagreements in the family unit require distinctive effort to promote positive outcomes during challenging situations such as child support, custody, visitation and other concerns that impact children. Advocacy customized to amicably resolve circumstances are offered in these and other cases.


Designed for children to honor their fathers during June by writing an essay or other expression to describe why their dad is the greatest. This forum allows fathers a platform to receive positive salutations and children to pay tribute to their paternal heritage. Community venders and businesses are solicited to contribute high quality prizes presented at the Free Father’s Day “Cookout” supported by CeMENting Foundations, Inc.

To apply for the Greatest Dad Campaign click here and you will be redirected.        



“Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead” is designed to enhance school-age  students’ proficiency in science, technology, engineering, arts  & athletics, math though encouraging reading activities while having fun. This initiative is a conduit to opening opportunities, reaching resolution and reconciliation to academic, social/emotional, and   family and community obstacles. Parent involvement is crucial. This is a HOT event! (Higher Order Thinking).                    Come get STEAMed up!

Other youth initiatives include The Greatest Dad Campaign and the Tobacco Prevention Education  Project. Read more about these initiatives below. 


Project LEAP awarded through PGCHD is a health literacy intervention that enhances equitable community responses to COVID-19 in urban Prince George’s County. MFI targets minority residents who have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 fostering strong collaborations with community partners to implement health literacy activities that reach and share resources and referrals in high-risk populations for health concerns. Contact us for support.


College Student / Internships – Promotes students studying the field of social sciences for career and life skills necessary for success. Our purpose is to inspire discovery and expand the foundation on which new coaches can build training for future professional endeavors.


 Although interns will not acquire all the skills in this experience, they will be exposed to a vast combination of activities to help prepare them for implementing appropriate practices. Reporting to a supervisor, arriving on time, managing administrative tasks, attending meetings and adhering to deadlines are some of the responsibilities interns assume.

Financial Management & Veterans Services – A seamless transition for those who have served our country with the same dignity and compassion as those they served. Veterans may participate in individual or group sessions. Resume preparation and other career development services are available.  There is also a distinction for Veteran fathers during our GREATEST DAD CAMPAIGN.


$imilar assistance is extended with a SMILE to others with disabilities that require help from a Payee Representative to manage their Social Security and veteran benefits and other income.

Tobacco Prevention Education Project – Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.    MENding Families received a Community Mini-Grant for Tobacco Education Services from The Maryland Center at Bowie State University (Prince George’s County Department of Health).

EMBRACE All families are invited to apply for our “Embrace” outreach. This platform allows MFI to provide ongoing caring assistance and encouragement to an entire family and incorporates all of our initiatives. Sponsoring includes: School supplies and educational support; Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts, family coaching and many other provisions throughout the year.

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